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Cocoricó - Brincando de Pega-Pega

Now available for your children, the game that brings the fun characters from Cocoricó in HD.

Have fun playing tag with Cocoricó characters: Júlio, Astolfo, Alípio, Lilica and João.

Challenge your friends and show them who is the best farm runner! Run as fast as you can, while collecting stars, gift boxes, stamps and lollipops. Jump, slide and dodge obstacles running from your friends.

  • Intuitive gameplay, swipe your fingers to jump, duck or change lanes.
  • Upgrade your Power ups with collected stars
  • powerful items
  • Play with 5 different characters.
  • HD-compatible graphics.
  • Compete with your facebook friends
  • Universal. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch
  • Extremely fun!

  • Download now to have fun with Cocoricó!




    Developed by UGA Games

    Published by ZeroUm Digital

    Executive Producer
    Maximiliano Marques

    Maira Gregolin

    Game Designers

    Gustavo Matsunaga
    Maira Gregolin

    Level Designers
    Andre Gonzaga
    Gustavo Matsunaga
    Diego de Carvalho

    Art Director
    Jonatas Kerr


    Andre Gonzaga
    Diego de Carvalho
    Emyr Ferrario
    Gustavo Matsunaga
    Jonatas Kerr


    Andre Gonzaga
    Paulo Pereira
    Luis Libardi

    Sound Designers
    Andre Gonzaga
    Jonatas Kerr

    Original Version by Hélio Ziskind
    Rock Version by Harã Lemes

    Special Thanks to
    Conrado Valise
    Felipe Martins
    Marcelo Sabadini
    Renan de Lima